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Low PIM RF Connector

Low PIM RF Connector

RF Connector transmit RF signals, RF Coaxial Connector always connector with the same type connector, which is the opposite polarity.

Low PIM RF Connector feature Low PIM rated, at frequency on 700 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz.  have a minimal -155 dbc @ 23 dbm, and normal have a better than, -161 dbc, and for solder type connector -165 dbc. performance.

Besides Low PIM, RF Connector electrical performace also include:

Maximum Frequency

Insertion Loss
Return Loss

Different Application calls for different requirement, the common Low PIM RF Connector applications are:

4G/5G Cellular Communication

Wireless Communication
DAS & Small Cell
Public Safety DAS/BDA/ERRCS
RF Test & Measurement

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