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RG402 Semi-rigid, Semi-flex cable and cable assembly

RG402 Semi-rigid, Semi-flex cable and cable assembly

Raynool specialize in RG402, RG401, RG402 semi-rigid, semi-flex cable and cable assembly, frequency from 6 GHz up to 50 GHz.

RG402 cable

RG402 Semi-rigid
Raynool RG402 semi-rigid cable have seamless copper tube(RSG-141) and tin plated copper tube(RSG-141-TP) outer conductor, working frequency up to 20 GHz, for extra low loss design, Low density PTFE RG402(RSD-141) also available.

Raynool RG402 semi-flex cable have plenum rated FEP jacket, outdoor rated LSZH jacket, and without jacket(only Tin soak plated braiding), for different application.

RG402 Cable Assembly

Raynool manufacture a full series RG402 series products, our factory always stock semi-flex RG402 FEP Blue, Semi-rigid RG402 for small MOQ and fast turn around.

RG405, RG401 series
RG405, RG401 is not so popular when compared with RG402, however, it's what Raynool excel in as well! You can rely on Raynool to manufacture the ones you need on your project!

Feel free to contact Raynool sales at [email protected] today!

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