Low PIM Cables

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Author : Tony Huang
Update time : 2022-02-27 22:26:56
Low PIM Cables

1 Low PIM Test Cables


Low PIM test cable on the market is 1/4’’S with both 7/16 DIN Male connector, RayNool Microwave have both 1/4’’S & 3/8’’S cable design, and with the larger diameter, 3/8’’S solution is more robust and feature excellent PIM performance under dynamic test.




  • Robust design
  • Flexible & Durable
  • Excellent Low PIM performance


2 Low PIM Cables for DAS & Small Cell


Low PIM cables for DAS & Small Cell application is totally different from Low PIM test cable, a simple feature is that the connector mating cycles is 100 times insead of 500 or more, and it also need a cost effective solution because of the budget on DAS project.


RayNool Microwave manufacture a full series of Low PIM Cables, contact us to get the Low PIM solution catalog.


Low PIM Cables


  • Connector: 7/16 DIN, 4.3-10, N, 2.2-5, NEX10, QMA
  • Cable: 1/4’’S, 1/4’’S Plenum, 3/8’’S, 1/2’’S,  1/2’’ , RG402
  • Length: Customized
  • With/Without weather boot




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