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About RayNool

Low PIM Solution Provider
With the growing number of distributed antenna system (DAS) and small cell installations, low passive-intermodulation (PIM) products have gained popularity. And more and more customer demand for a reliable source of Low PIM products.

Raynool can provide practical guidance on the optimum combination of coaxial cable and connectors to meet specific electrical and mechanical requirements for a customer’s operating frequency band and temperature ranges.

Raynool has steadily grown by aligning its offerings to match the needs of our customers in Low PIM area, with a full range of Low PIM series products, and the fast turnaround, Raynool can better support you to explore the market.

UL listed CMP Plenum cable
In DAS and Small Cell Systems, UL listed cable are need to be used in the plenum space. Raynool’s plenum rated product lines can satisfy your requirement on the high quality, Low PIM, Low VSWR, plenum rated cable assemblies.

RayNool Microwave


RayNool Microwave manufacture high frequency RF Test cable assemblies and microwave RF connector, for ecomonical RF Test and Measurement market and 5G high frequency market.


RayNool Microwave main products, High frequency RF Test cables, phase stable cables, cost effective phase stable cables, ultra low loss cables, microwave connectors, microwave adapters, 18GHz 3.5mm connectors, 40GHz 2.92mm connectors, 50GHz 2.4mm connectors, 67GHz 1.85mm connectors, and 1.0mm connectors frequency up to 110 GHz.


RayNool Microwave is a brand of RayNool, RayNool is the material supplier for the wireless infrastructure solution, and well known by Low PIM solutions. High Frequency connectors, RF test cables are one of RayNool’s main business, to better service the customer in this niche market, RayNool establish the team RayNool Microwave.


How to choose a High Frequency connector/RF Test cable supplier?

Compared with the word “supplier”, RayNool prefer call it “partner”, what factors do you need to consider on choosing a high frequency products partner?

1. Agility

If you looking for an equivalent, you may have a part number on mind, however, you may takes a lot of energy on sourcing, RayNool Microwave manufacture high frequency connector and the problem is half solved, different brand microwave cable have their own series, with a deep understanding of the cable, RayNool Microwave can recommend a proper cable type to make the job done!


2. Potential

If there are already some solutions on your table, how to make the right choice? Think big, your business may double or triple next year, your market boundary will continue to push forward. A supplier that has the potential to support your continuous growth maybe a better partner.


3. Quality

It’s the most important thing, that’s the main causes why most of us choose the world famous brand.


4. Cost competitive

When we are talking about cost competitive, we are not chasing about low cost, a reasonable margin is the guarantee of the quality and potentialities. However, with the 5G coming, the requirement for high frequency connector and microwave cable will keeping increase, a cost competitive solution will help popularize of the 5G application. That’s also the reason why more and more customers looking for a cost competitive sources.


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