Low PIM products Manufacturer

Low PIM Product Line

Low PIM RF Connector, RF Adapter Product Line

1, R&D and Manufacturing team are 10+ years’ experience in RF Connector, RF Adapter. It is the key to provide the stable quality products.

2, Manufacturing ability to make the full range connectors (From 2.2-5 to 7/16 DIN)

3, Fastest Lead time with various connectors & cables inventory.

4, Low Cost: It should be a trend to do business directly with Manufacture, no agent. A professional team should be very significant for you.

Low PIM Cable Assembly Product Line

Raynool have 700MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz PIM testers for multiband frequency requirement.

Raynool have 0-6 GHz, 0-18 GHz, 0-40 GHz network analyzer for Telecom and RF Test & Measurement.

Testing Equipment

1800MHz, 1900MHz PIM tester E5071C network analyzer

Low PIM, Plenum Rated Coaxial Cable Product Line

Low PIM Plenum Rated RG402, RG401, 1/2'' Air dielectric Plenum Cable

Low PIM Passive Component

Raynool Customize Low PIM Wilkonson Splitter, Power Splitter, Tapper, Attenuator, Termination Load, Directional Coupler, Click here to get more information!

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